A Stunning Studs-to-Stucco Renovation


Upper Rockridge, Oakland

Who We Worked With

Seller / Agent

The seller was planning to move to southern California to be close to family, but he had lived in the home for many years, and it was hard for him to “let go.” Realtor Melissa Eizenberg of Zip Code Realty introduced him to Curtis Sakai who purchased the home for fair market value and gave the seller extra time to clean out his belongings.

“Curtis took the time to understand the seller’s needs. He was decisive, honorable, and true to his word.”
—Melissa Eizenberg, Zip Code Realty

The owner was a single man who had made his home here for nearly 50 years. When it came time for him to down-size and move on, it was painful for him. Curtis allowed him to stay an extra month and agreed that he could leave behind the belongings he couldn’t take with him. That left Bay Reach with quite a mess, to say the least.

Bay Reach Homes did a studs-to-stucco renovation of the home, transforming the 2 BR bungalow into a stunning 4 BR/3Bath family home. Thoroughly modern with a nod to its history and original charm.
“This was my third project with Bay Reach Homes,” says Realtor Josh Dickinson of Zip Code Realty. “They do an excellent job of honoring the history and craftsmanship of the original home while maximizing the layout and finishes for modern living.”

It’s all about the views…

Originally the home was not situated to take advantage of the spectacular views. So we created an enhanced front yard and a courtyard that looks out over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. In addition, the open layout of the main floor emphasizes the views, and the abundant natural light adds a sense of spaciousness. Even the chef’s kitchen looks out to the views!

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