Selling Your As-Is Property

We Buy East Bay Properties For Cash

Many houses in the East Bay, while architecturally beautiful, are 50-100 years old and showing their age. Deferred maintenance may have taken its toll. Outdated or faulty foundations and other major structural components can require large expenditures, often more than $100,000.

This can be overwhelming for a seller and can also scare away discerning buyers. As an owner of such a property, you may not have the time, motivation or cash on hand needed to make the repairs to prepare the house for sale.

We have the vision and experience necessary to purchase these homes and the ability to invest in rehabilitating the property to its full potential.


The Seller’s Advantage

Rooted in the belief that all parties (including homeowners and agents) should benefit from a transaction, Bay Reach Homes is steadfast in our practice of offering fair market value for properties in good East Bay neighborhoods. We work with a network of veteran industry contacts.  And we research the local markets to identify market trends enabling us to purchase properties for their current worth. Our local presence and knowledge drive our ability to bring forth an all-cash offer.

Re-list Opportunity for Agents!

Do you have a listing or know of a property coming up that might be a good fit for Bay Reach Homes to purchase? By bringing it directly to us, you will have the opportunity to re-list once the renovation is complete. We are constantly in search of properties to transform throughout the East Bay. We are here to support distressed sellers and we have done so with urgency and integrity since 2013.

If you have a seller who can benefit from our assistance, contact us. Let’s discuss how we can continue working together once the property is ready to be re-listed!


Selling a Home
on Market


Off Market

On Market

Off Market

$35k – $100k in renovations to ready home for sale

Quick: Offer in 48 hours and
14-day close

$15k – $25k for inspections, sewer/lateral & closing costs

All cash offer at fair market value for the home

$40k – $60k in commissions and holding costs if it doesn't sell quickly

Hassle free: no stress of selling the house on your own

$105k – $185k to sell on the open market

Total Profits: $105k – $185k

What sets us apart from other real estate developers

  • Willingness to purchase distressed or legally complicated properties
  • Our practice of sharing our local market knowledge and offering fair market value for these properties
  • We are a reputable company completing all sales through the title company

Recent Properties Purchased and Rehabbed

These East Bay homeowners benefited from selling their as-is properties to us. You can, too.

“Selling my home to Bay Reach Homes was a smooth and amicable process. And it was so quick! Almost too quick as I had 44 years of life to clean out of the house.” —Jean Penn, Seller

“Bay Reach Homes and Curtis Sakai do beautiful work. The quality of his design choices, the quality of the work is head and shoulders above most design/build firms that do purchase, redevelopment and sale. He is very good at listening to realtors about what will make a property saleable and choice. Every project I have worked on with him has been stellar and exquisite.” —Andrea Gordon, Compass Realty

“Bay Reach Homes does an excellent job of honoring the history and craftsmanship of the original home while maximizing the layout and finishes for modern living.” —Josh Dickinson, Zip Code Realty

Get in touch!

We love to purchase homes as-is in good East Bay neighborhoods.

Call for a consultation. Or drop a note.

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