We Buy Homes “As-Is” in Good East Bay Neighborhoods for Fair Market Value

Rejuvenating neighborhoods one home at a time

There are many real estate investors out there who will buy any house, offering just 50 cents on the dollar — which is often not even close to the market value of the property.

How Bay Reach Homes is different.

We work directly and transparently with the homeowner to come up with a price that is mutually beneficial by using current sales comps and local real estate information in addition to our own repair costs. All sales are completed legally through a title company.

Benefits to Working With Us

At Bay Reach Homes, we are different. We make sure the seller walks away with the full value of the property.

  • No Repairs

    We buy houses in “as-is” condition, which saves homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • No Commissions or Escrow Costs

    You pay transfer taxes and any miscellaneous fees particular to your home.

  • No Stress

    We handle all sales legally and ethically through a title company.

  • No Inspections

    We do all necessary inspections at our own expense.

  • No Waiting

    We can typically make a cash offer within 48 hours and close the sale in 14 days.

  • Yes

    We beautifully restore the home for new owners to love.


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Recent Projects

Read the stories of homes we purchased at fair market value and how we transformed 
them to uplift East Bay neighborhoods.


Curtis Sakai

Founder, Bayreach

“Vision allows Bay Reach Homes the opportunity to transform our properties.
Design is where we bring the home to life.”

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