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Cleveland Heights

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Estate Attorney & Client

Our probate client had inherited the family home which was in disrepair. Not wanting to spend the time and $200,000+ required to fix all the structural issues, the heirs sold it to Bay Reach Homes. They were happy to get their inheritance out of the property quickly and hassle-free.

The home was in a historic but slightly rundown neighborhood surrounded by grand older homes. Clearly, the area was ready for a renaissance. The heirs had grown up in the home so there was some nostalgia attached to it, and they put much thought into what they wanted to do with the property.

Lacking the interest to spend the time and money required to bring the home back to where they could sell it on the open market, the heir-executor, Leonard Gee, called Bay Reach Homes.

We arrived at a value based on comparable home sales in the neighborhood and the repair costs necessary to remodel. In the end, we felt it was worth our investment to restore this house for a new owner to enjoy.

“We were very happy with what Bay Reach Homes did with the family home,” said Mr. Gee. “They did a great job bringing the house back to its original glory.”

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