A Smooth and Amicable Process


Crocker Highlands

Who We Worked With

Homeowner and Agent

"Selling my home to Bay Reach Homes was a smooth and amicable process.
And it was so quick! I had 44 years of life to clean out of the house.
But Curtis was very generous and let me rent back for a few weeks." ~Jean Penn

In February 1975, Jean Penn and her husband purchased their dream house on Underhills Road and were married there in March. They paid $41,000 for the house and everyone thought they’d paid too much.

By the time Jean’s husband died in 2006, the house needed more work than Jean wanted to take on. So when she decided to sell, she didn’t want to get the house ready for a conventional sale. What was important to her was getting a fair market price and to sell to someone who would do a great job of refurbishing the home. Enter: Bay Reach Homes.

Realtor Josh Dickinson represented Bay Reach Homes on the purchase and resale of the home.

Originally 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, Bay Reach transformed it into a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath home with abundant flex space for office and family. We replaced the foundation, added an inviting family room, and turned the attic with its 15 ft ceiling into a master suite, plus an additional bedroom. The living areas were opened up, and we added decking for a great indoor/outdoor flow.

The house sold in 4 days.

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