Needed Significant Structural Repair



Who We Worked With

Homeowner’s Family & Agent

This charming but dated home suffered from problems that were preventing the owners from getting a viable offer. Bay Reach purchased the home for fair market value.

The home was owned by an elderly gentleman who had lived in it for decades and was ready to scale down. When his children started getting the property ready to sell, they discovered costly foundation/drainage problems from extensive water intrusion.

The home, a historic representation of Mediterranean architecture from the 1920s, required significant structural repair. The family did not have the time or resources needed to make the property marketable, so an all cash, no contingency offer was very attractive to them.

According to real estate agent Josh Dickinson, “By selling to Bay Reach Homes at fair market value, the seller benefited from a speedy cash sale without having to spend any funds readying the property for market. After the renovation, he came back to see it with his daughter, and they couldn’t believe the transformation!”

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