843 54th St., Oakland, CA

About This Project

Neighborhood: burgeoning Santa Fe area

Who We Worked With: Homeowner

Local investor Bay Reach Homes helped a seller with his rental property that was in disrepair. The house had real structural/foundation problems, systems that were out of code, and the kitchen and baths in need of extensive work. In other words, it was a “Real Contractor’s Special.” Once the tenant moved out, the owner didn’t want to spend the $300,000 it would take for the heavy buildout of a new foundation and to correct the dry rot in the framing, so our off-market all-cash offer was a good solution for him.

Although the amount of work required to bring this property up to sale condition seemed to scare off potential contractor buyers, we felt that the property was in an “up and coming neighborhood” and the costs were worth bringing back the charm to this house. In the end, the seller was happy to get the cash out of his property quickly and hassle-free and Bay Reach Homes converted the property into a lovely Craftsman with contemporary tones. This property has since rejuvenated the neighborhood and we have seen many more remodel jobs in the area.