Falling out of Escrow into Bay Reach


El Cerrito near Moeser Lane

Who We Worked With

Homeowner & Agent

The homeowner was in contract to sell his home but decided to back out of escrow for personal reasons. However, he still wanted to divest himself of the property, so his agent, Andrea Gordon of Compass Realty, approached Bay Reach Homes to see if we’d be interested.

We were. We offered the seller a better price than he was getting in escrow, so he was happy to sell it to us.

Our work was cut out for us as the house had years of deferred maintenance and water intrusion. The interior had to be gutted and the house needed to be remodeled, top to bottom.

Bay Reach repaired the water damage and upgraded all systems to code. Then we gave it an all-new kitchen with modern appliances, a new bathroom, deck and landscaping. In short, we updated everything, including the windows, in keeping with the home’s modern profile.

Realtor Andrea Gordon said of the transaction, “Curtis is great to work with. He’s a person of his word—he’s collaborative, and does what he says he’s going to do. I can’t say enough about him.”

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