Moving on after Divorce


Blair Park Area

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By selling to Bay Reach Homes, the homeowner got the all-cash, quick deal she wanted and was able to move on with her life.

After a recent divorce, the owner didn’t want the work and expense of selling the property on her own. That’s why she came to Bay Reach Homes for help.

The home needed structural work as well as major updating--just the kind of project we love. The floor plan was skewed; the house lacked connectivity. Upstairs there was a formal living room, dining room and kitchen. We consolidated the bedrooms, which were on different levels, onto one level.

Downstairs, we made a family room for entertaining. And since the house was on a steep grade, it didn’t have any outside destinations. We solved that by adding some decks and created a destination by placing a bench near the firepit, and a BBQ upstairs.

The result was a more modern and livable home ready for new owners who would enjoy its indoor/outdoor living aspect.

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