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Founded by Curtis Sakai in 2012, Bay Reach Homes is an East Bay real estate development company striving to strengthen our Bay Area community through quality home renovation. With a vision and an eye for design, Curtis began purchasing and rejuvenating homes with good “bones” but were regarded as difficult or problematic by others. His vision has resulted in helping sellers get their value out of their home, numerous successful renovations and enhanced neighborhoods throughout the region.


He first worked with his architects on the remodel of his own home. From their first meeting, the team and Curtis clicked because of their shared vision and sensibilities. Remodeling his own home sparked his interest in the local residential real estate market and gave him a desire for a new approach to home and community development.


Each Bay Reach Homes project is different and has unique challenges. Our goal is to keep a fresh approach in re-working a home’s flow for today’s families, while maintaining the integrity and history of each property.

About Us

Curtis Sakai

Curtis is a long time Berkeley resident and Cal Alum who worked for over 25 years in the vibrant Bay Area biotechnology industry. After the remodel of his own residence, he made the big life change to focus on taking local homes and restoring them to their former character.


Curtis’ general contractor is a Berkeley resident (and also an old friend) and has worked on some of the finer Bay Area homes for over 30 years. The experience he brings to each project is invaluable and has helped Bay Reach Homes maintain its high standard. Through this team’s collaboration on several projects, a set of best practices has been developed that allows them to work efficiently, make the selling process easier for their clients, and deliver beautiful, homes with character.


He raised his kids in Berkeley, where he still resides with his wife Sharon.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Nicole Radlow

Marketing Director

Nicole Radlow is the marketing director for Bay Reach Homes. Nicole has lived in the Bay Area for over 25 years and is raising her two teenage sons in the East Bay. She and her husband also own income property and enjoy being a part of the larger real estate development community.

Nishi Wise

Office Manager

Nishi Wise was originally hired at Bay Reach Homes as the bookkeeper, but her position has evolved into taking care of all aspects of the business. She recently received her real estate agent license and plays an integral role in finding us the next great house to purchase. She was born and raised in Berkeley and. along with her husband, is busy raising her two sons here as well.