1021 Ramona, Albany, CA

About This Project

Neighborhood: Albany near Solano Avenue shops & stores

Who We Worked With: Estate Attorney & Client

We helped an attorney’s probate client with their family home in. The home was quite dilapidated and required foundation work as well as repairing the water damage throughout the home. Built in 1929, this home also needed complete updating of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. This undertaking was too much work for the heirs so they were very interested in receiving fair off-market offers. They chose to work with Bay Reach Homes.

According to Estate Attorney Victoria Maxwell, “Curtis at Bay Reach Homes was one of a few investor offers that I received for the sale of 1021 Ramona. Their offer was the best one not only because of the terms, but also because they were straightforward, professional and lived up to their promises.”

Ms. Maxwell knew that the heirs of this home were not interested in doing the exorbitant amount of work that would be needed to ready this property for sale on the open market. An off-market deal was what best suited the needs and desires of her clients.