Homeowner Seller & Agents

The Sellers' Advantage

Rooted in the belief that all parties (including homeowners & agents) should benefit from a transaction, we are steadfast in our practice of offering fair market value for properties in good neighborhoods. We work with a network of veteran industry contacts and research the local markets to identify market trends enabling us to purchase properties for their current worth.


While we are lucky to live in a region where the real estate market is strong, we recognize that certain situations present significant hardship for home sellers and agents. For example, a home may have costly foundation issues or legal liens on it. Other times a home may not have been updated in 30 years or part of the home is in disrepair. These types of issues can often cost more than $100,000+ and sellers and their agents may not want to spend the money or take the time to do the work.


We provide assistance and comfort to these homeowners and ensure there is no disconnect on the monetary value of the home. Our local presence and knowledge drives our ability to bring forth an all-cash offer.

Homeowners Seller & Agents

What sets us apart from other real estate developers is threefold:


Our willingness to purchase distressed or legally complicated properties;


Our practice of sharing our local market knowledge and offering fair market value for these properties;


We are a reputable company completing all sales through the title company.

That’s a savings (and a profit) of anywhere from $50,000 to $185,000.
Homeowners Seller & Agents with properties having legal issues

Properties with Legal Issues

Bay Reach Homes is experienced in purchasing properties, including those with a host of legal issues. Many properties are left for family members or administrators, often with debt, unpaid taxes, and liens. We can alleviate the stress of dealing with these properties by offering cash and quick closing periods. We buy most homes “as is.”

Properties Requiring Major Repairs

Many houses in the East Bay, while architecturally beautiful, are 50-100 years old and showing their age. Deferred maintenance can take its toll. Outdated or faulty foundations and other major structural components can require large expenditures (often in excess of $100,000).


This can be overwhelming, and can also scare away discerning buyers. Frequently, owners of such properties do not have the time, experience, or cash on hand necessary to make the repairs needed to sell the home. We have the vision and experience necessary to purchase these homes and the ability to invest in rehabilitating the property to its full potential.

Homeowners Seller & Agents with properties having major repair

Properties to Be Sold Quickly

Sometimes homeowners have a need to sell their property quickly because they had been asked to relocate for a job, a divorce situation, retirement, or other personal reasons. They simply want to get a fair price for their home or rental property and move on with their lives.


Bay Reach Homes can make a quick offer and a quick close to alleviate the homeowner of cost and time to sell the property. We can benefits sellers and their agents by providing:

All-cash transactions with quick close.

No inspections or sewer/lateral.

Pays all commissions and escrow fees.

Short time frame or often no contingencies.

Handles all repairs and construction costs.

All sales handled legally through a title company.

What Our Customers Say…

“The family is very happy with what Bay Reach Homes did to the house …
Great job bringing the family home back to its original glory!”

Seller & Home Owner – Leonard Gee

We would like to be part of your “toolkit” for providing creative solutions for your clients with difficult real estate situations, including complex family situations, where the usual methods of sale may not be the best option.