Estate Attorneys & Fiduciaries

You Owe It to Your Clients

We know that Estate Attorneys and Fiduciaries have a strong fiduciary responsibility to advise their estate clients to do what’s in their best interest. This often applies to the client’s family home or income property. Sometimes, traditional methods of home sale may not be the most financially beneficial option. In these cases, we would like to be a part of your client “toolkit” to provide creative solutions for clients with different real estate situations. 

Benefits to Working With Us

  • No Commissions or Escrow Processing Fees
  • No Repairs: We buy houses in “as-is” condition, which saves homeowners thousands of dollars.
  • No Stress: We handle all sales legally and ethically through a title company.
  • No Inspections: We do all necessary inspections at our own expense.
  • No Waiting: We can typically make a cash offer within 48 hours and close the sale in 14 days.
  • Yes: We beautifully restore the home for new owners to love.

Making Your Client’s Life Easier

Often times, descendant families do not wish to get involved with repairing the inherited property or the property itself is difficult to sell. In these circumstances, we can be of service to you:


We are well funded and have the financial capabilities to purchase properties quickly.


We will not waste you or your client’s time. If the home is of interest to us, we can close in 2 weeks or less.


The client’s home will be in good hands. Our goal is to lovingly restore the home to its original charm for a new owner to enjoy.


Bay Reach Homes specializes in purchasing distressed (in need of repair) properties “as-is” in order to alleviate the logistical and financial distress that can be experienced by homeowners.

Estate Attorneys and Fiduciaries

Properties with Legal Issues

Bay Reach Homes is experienced in purchasing properties, including those with a host of legal issues. Many properties are left for family members or administrators, often with debt, unpaid taxes, and liens. We can alleviate the stress of dealing with these properties by offering cash and quick closing periods. We buy most homes AS IS.

Properties Requiring Major Repairs

Many houses in the East Bay, while architecturally beautiful, are 50-100 years old and showing their age. Deferred maintenance can take its toll. Outdated or faulty foundations and other major structural components can require large expenditures (often in excess of $100,000). This can be overwhelming, and can also scare away discerning buyers.


Frequently, owners of such properties do not have the time, experience, or cash on hand necessary to make the repairs needed to sell the home. We have the vision and experience necessary to purchase these homes and the ability to invest in rehabilitating the property to its full potential.

Estate Attorneys and Fiduciaries Properties Repair

Properties to Be Sold Quickly

Sometimes homeowners have a need to sell their property quickly because they had been asked to relocate for a job, a divorce situation, retirement, or other personal reasons. They simply want to get a fair price for their home or rental property and move on with their lives.


Bay Reach Homes can make a quick offer and a quick close to alleviate the homeowner of cost and time to sell the property. We can benefits sellers and their agents by providing:

All-cash transactions with quick close.

No inspections or sewer/lateral.

Pays all commissions and escrow fees.

Short time frame or often no contingencies.

Handles all repairs and construction costs.

All sales handled legally through a title company.

What Our Customers Say…

“Curtis was one of a few investor offers that I received for the sale of 1021 Ramona. His offer was the best offer not only because of the terms, but also because Curtis was straight forward, professional and lived up to his promises. “

Victoria Maxwell, ESQ, regarding 1021 Ramona

We would like to be part of your “toolkit” for providing creative solutions for your clients with difficult real estate situations, including complex family situations, where the usual methods of sale may not be the best option.