Why Us

Because Bay Reach Homes possesses a creatively holistic vision, current market knowledge, the ability to make fair all-cash offers allowing a quick closing process, and a talented design team, our projects always result in what the modern homeowner desires: a perfect combination of quality, character and community.


At Bay Reach Homes our mission and our vision is what set us apart from the rest of the industry. We strive to strengthen communities by rejuvenating neglected homes. We are not afraid of taking on the projects that most others avoid: we relish the opportunity to transform difficult and challenging houses into extraordinary residences.

Market Knowledge

Bay Reach Homes works with a network of veteran industry contacts to locate properties suitable for purchase. We spend countless hours researching the local markets and identifying the latest trends to diligently and effectively acquire the best possible properties. This knowledge enables us to purchase properties at fair market value and to then add value to the home and surrounding community through renovation and repositioning. Our expert market knowledge results in fair and easy transactions for sellers and quality, homes of value for buyers.

Fair Offer

During real estate transactions, there is often a disconnect between buyers and sellers on the monetary value of a home. Bay Reach Homes is conscious of this issue and makes every effort to offer the best price possible with the belief that all parties should benefit financially. Our market knowledge and local presence drive our ability to ensure an all cash, fair offer.

Quick Close

Bay Reach Homes is an established and well-capitalized real estate development firm, which affords us the ability to offer very short closing periods. This can be beneficial in situations where the seller needs to divest the property quickly, perhaps due to financial hardship or the threat of foreclosure. Bay Reach Homes can help alleviate this stress by offering cash to quickly reach an agreement.


Vision allows us the opportunity to transform our properties. Design is where we bring the home back to life. Our design team, led by Curtis Sakai, takes an individual approach and is dedicated to updating all aspects of a home while maintaining its unique character in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood. What results are homes that are well designed and desirable.