Bay Reach Homes brings a unique approach to real estate development. Rooted in the belief that all parties should benefit from a transaction, we are steadfast in our practice of offering fair market value for properties. While we are lucky to live in a region where real estate is thriving, we recognize that certain situations present significant hardship for homeowners. We provide comfort and assistance to these homeowners, and their communities, through our services.

What sets us apart from other real estate developers is our willingness to purchase truly derelict or legally complicated properties, our practice of offering fair market value for these properties, and our ability to maximize your profit potential by eliminating the standard real estate transaction/commission fees.

Properties with Legal Issues

Bay Reach Homes is experienced in purchasing properties, including those with a host of legal issues. Many properties are left for family members or administrators, often with debt, unpaid taxes, and liens. We can alleviate the stress of dealing with these properties by offering cash, and quick closing periods.

Properties Requiring Major Repairs

Many houses in the East Bay, while architecturally beautiful, are 50-100 years old and showing their age. Deferred maintenance can take its toll. Outdated or faulty foundations, and other major structural components can require large expenditures (often in excess of $100,000). This can be overwhelming, and can also scare away discerning buyers. Frequently, owners of such properties do not have the time, experience, or cash on hand necessary to make the repairs needed to sell the home. We have the vision and experience necessary to purchase these homes and the ability to invest in rehabilitating the property to its full potential.

Financial Benefits

There are numerous fees associated with selling a property. Bay Reach Homes can buy directly from you to mitigate the standard commission fees, closing costs, inspection fees, etc., potentially saving sellers tens of thousands of dollars. This, in conjunction with our fair market value offer and ability to quickly close on a property with an all cash deal, affords homeowners the opportunity to maximize their profit potential.

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