110 Alta Ave., Berkeley

Built in 1921, this beautiful older home is located in a sunny, quiet street in Piedmont. The property is located on a downslope and renders beautiful views. In this particular older home, in addition to the wear and tear of age, many of the problems we encountered were in the home configuration; past homemade additions to interior space had been done by past owners and seemed to be done organically, as needed, and without much thought to the flow of the house. In fact, the full lower level of this house which had included a sauna and large family room was not even connected to the main part of the house- you had to access via an outside stairway! As a result, we created new interior stairs which not only increased the square footage of the home but also helped us to create a nice flow. We opened up the dark closed in kitchen to adjoining dining room area using the classic grace and language of the existing living room and dining room. We also continued our connection from upper and lower levels exteriorly by creating a deck with grilling station off of the kitchen and gracefully joining this deck with outdoor stairs to a spacious 500 square foot Ipe wood deck below. This large and inviting space is offset with mature trees and hill views, and features a tranquil water feature and a large fire pit so that you can enjoy the chilly Bay Area nights. This is a perfect setting for large or intimate gatherings, and conveniently adjoins a newly revamped family room with wet bar, bathroom and guestroom.