1138 Shevlin Dr, El Cerrito

Built in 1954, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath is a mid-century classic with a signature roofline situated on a large lot with expansive bay views.   The property had years of deferred maintenance and intrusion, so the interior was gutted and the whole house remodeled. Our main focus was to continue the mid-century feel on the inside by enlarging the kitchen space and opening it completely to the main living area. This not only improved flow but also brought out nice elements of the architectural features of the home, in particular, lots of natural light and the dramatic ceiling elevation created by the roofline. Some additional subtle reconfiguring of existing walls improved the main living space and bathrooms and also made the space to create a generous master suite. The lot was another under-utilized asset of this house. We improved this by adding more access/visibility to the yard, including new decking. The landscaping in both the front and the back was redeveloped to take advantage of the space and the bay views.